What To Know

  • Advanced Visibility Mastery....

    ... is an intensive advanced class on wordsmithing, deepening skills and interview-hacking. It's taking place near you ha-ha, on Zoom, starting June 25. So, howzit work? First, comes the nuts and bolts of wordsmithing. You’ll walk out the door with an advanced level understanding of wordsmithing for delivering interviews. From structure to style to voice to how to leverage your listeners to maximize engagement.

  • Learn How To:

    • Speak in SOUNDBITES • TELL STORIES while interviewed • USE STATISTICS FOR IMPACT • BUILD A MEDIA PAGE · Are you satisfied with your knowledge of how to successfully do soundbites? · What’s the average cost of hiring a new publicist for high level interview bookings when paying a monthly retainer doesn’t guarantee you bookings or help your sales pipeline?

  • Now, I’m Wondering…

    · Do you find it’s exhausting figuring out which story to share and how to tell an effective story during an interview? · What’s the biggest problem you’re facing so far when managing service, book, and workshop launches to get exposure on media interviews? · If you require a way to convey complex concepts to your audiences and be recognized as a powerful speaker - why not use a sound bite? · Do you see the value to have an expert give feedback, recommendations and personal coaching to improve your skills going forward and change your results? · If you could cut the amount of time spent resisting being fully noticeable and visible with a powerful message, what impact will that have?


Meet Debbi

  • Debbi Dachinger

    Debbi Dachinger

    Debbi Dachinger is a Media Visibility Strategist who helps you create a fierce and unique presence through: Coaching to Write your Book, get your Book to Guaranteed International Bestseller, and get Scheduled on Media Interviews. A certified coach, she helps clients stop living in the shadows, so they stand out and fulfill their purpose. Now in its 11th year Debbi hosts the syndicated “Dare to Dream” podcast, is the author of 3 international bestsellers, has contributed to 13 anthologies, and has been interviewed on over 800 media outlets.

Course curriculum

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    Chapter #1
    • High-level lesson Advanced Visibility Lesson 1, STORY TELLING during an Interview, video
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    Chapter #2
    • High-level lesson 2 ADVANCED Visibility Program Story Telling and Sharing Statistics
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    Chapter #3
    • High-level lesson
    • How-to lesson on SOUNDBITES (Video)
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next... Lesson 4: The KEYS to a Great Interview, Pauses, Vulnerability, Soundbite Examples, Coaching, and Your Message on Steroids
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