Course Bundle: Ultimate Visibility Formula & Write A Book

The Write A Book and the Ultimate Visibility Formula will help you become visible to millions of viewers, audiences, and to your target people to serve! These two courses have geared up many careers to the next level without spending a single dime on ads or chasing after shows just to get publicity for their business.
Course Bundle: Ultimate Visibility Formula & Write A Book

What You Will Learn And Get From The Bundle Course:

  • Clarity and Mindset

    One of the challenges that most CEOs, healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs are currently battling with is that they do not have the clarity and a strong mindset to overcome their fears and doubts. Because of this, they lack confidence and do not know what is the right message and how to pitch their offerings and expertise organically and genuinely to their target clients. Hence, their visibility is low, and they only have reached a few people no matter how brilliant their business is! That is why inside the course, and through live coaching calls I'm going to help you have clarity and set your mindset aligned to your business goals and vision.

  • Support and Accountability

    You will not learn the process alone! You will meet awesome people like you who are ready to make a change and scale up their business without copying the trends, chasing after media and shows just to get publicity, and be ready to become highly visible while building a new network of like-minded people! You will be surrounded with positivity and motivation, and you will be pushed to show up your best that you have never done before! Overcoming limits and self-doubts. We will do this together. One step at a time with me.

  • Strategy and Proven Techniques

    The bundle course is a value-packed program structured to ensure that by the end of this program you are ready to conquer the spotlight! I have poured all my proven strategies and methods that have helped hundreds of students gain massive ROI and receive big opportunities for themselves and for their business without spending a single dime on ads!

Their Results After Enrolling and Applying the Courses

Inspiring Speaker | International Bestseller Author


Inspiring Speaker | International Bestseller Author

DEBBI DACHINGER is THE BEST PERSON in the world for delivering world-class results on a true bestseller campaign. She did it for me and hit it out of the ballpark. I give her my highest recommendation. Shoutout to Debbi Dachinger for also creating my beautiful book video trailer and taking my book #1 on Amazon in 10 and in all of nonfiction.
Life Coach | Access Consciousness Facilitator  | International bestselling author


Life Coach | Access Consciousness Facilitator | International bestselling author

It is so wonderful to speak to someone who gets you and what you are creating. No limits,no conclusion and no tethers to 'you cant ' or 'not possible'. Just what's next and how big do you go? THANK YOU Debbi Dachinger for the amazing book coach and consult work we've done together. It is a life and business game-changer
Founder & CEO of Technalink Inc.


Founder & CEO of Technalink Inc.

Debbi is a master-manifester. She has the refined ability to actively listen, draw out your passions, and create a collective roadmap with how to make them even more fruitful than you had imagined. That is special. It was a joy to work with Debbi and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.
Lawyer | International Bestseller Author


Lawyer | International Bestseller Author

I'm about to go National, Wall Street journal. I owe it to you. Getting to #1 international bestseller was huge in my life. Thank you so much.
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Course Overview

The bundle course is composed of two signature programs from Debbi Dachinger that has the entire system every author needs: how to write a highly engaging book AND how to be interviewed on media (and get results!).

  • Write Your Book in 60 Days! This program will take you from idea to finished manuscript.

  • How to organize your book

  • Creating a page-turner; and Plus organizing a detailed outline for your manuscript.

  • How to bust through writer’s block or any obstacle to finishing your book;

  • The Ultimate Visibility Formula is the world’s leading program that shows you how to become a recognizable expert, building a distinguished presence through media interviews.

  • Be interviewed on shows and know where the shows are

  • Receive a list of radio/podcast shows and contacts

  • Have built your media kit and pitch letter

  • Avoid freezing or fudging during an interview; be confident during the process instead

  • LIVE Coaching Calls with Debbi Dachinger

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